If you're renovating your kitchen, you might be considering a new benchtop. This can be an expensive and time-consuming decision, and before settling on a specific material it's worth exploring some alternatives.

You can get creative with how you lay down your Kitchen Benchtops - or even consider replacing them altogether! Here are five ideas to help you explore this often overlooked part of the kitchen renovation process:

Go for a unique material

You can also think outside the box and go for a unique material. If you have a little more money to spend, marble, granite and wood are all good options. Laminate is another popular choice because it's durable yet affordable.

Ceramic tiles are also very durable and easy to clean but they may be more expensive than other options depending on the style of your kitchen benchtop design.

Concrete is another great option for Kitchen Benchtops as it looks good in any type of kitchen but only works well if you have access to an outdoor space where you can lay it down without damaging anything else nearby (i.e., wooden floors or carpeting).

Play with texture

Playing with texture is another way to add interest. You can do this by using a range of materials and finishes, like wood, stone or metal.

Kitchen Benchtop

Try to create contrast between materials and finishes by using one that's smooth and another that has texture (such as honed marble with matte black granite).

Add a splash of colour

Colour can make a big difference. It can be used to coordinate with other colours in the room, bring attention to the benchtop, complement your kitchen cabinets and appliances or any combination of these.

You may want to choose a colour that contrasts with your walls or flooring (this will help draw attention away from them). Or maybe you want something more neutral that won't compete with anything else in your home. Either way, there are plenty of options available:

Mix and match

Mix and match materials. Use a variety of materials in your kitchen--wood, granite, marble and ceramic. The more different textures you can add to your benchtop, the better!

Use different colours and shapes. Don't be afraid to experiment with colour--try painting your cabinets a bold shade like yellow or red (with white trim). Or paint an accent wall in one of these colours! A splash of colour will add interest to any space and help make it feel fresher and newer again.


There are so many ways to personalize your Kitchen Benchtops, and we hope these ideas have inspired you to get creative with yours.

If you're looking for something simple but still unique, try adding a splash of colour or mixing up your patterns with some tiles from different sets.

On the other hand, if you want something more extravagant then why not go for an eye-catching material like marble or granite? Finally, there's always the option of sticking with what works best for your space!

Source: 4 Creative Ideas For Upgrading Your Kitchen Benchtop